LBB Zombie Mag and Sketchbooks in Portland

Been doing some behind the scenes work for a new animation. It will be my first scripted, not on a whim, short. More on that later, it’s been a busy weekend.

Thursday we got our copy of the spring issue of Z Magazine which featured some interviews with “undead musicians” including The Little Black Bottles. If you’re interested you can order your own magazine (here).  Z Magazine takes place in a fictitious reality where zombies and humans coexist, so in the reality of the magazine Myke and I are zombies.

This weekend my buddies and I, who participated in The Sketchbook Project World Tour 2012, hopped a train to Portland to check out the show. We met a lot of cool people, exchanged art and viewed many wonderful sketchbooks from around the world. We also reunited with our sketchbooks one last time before they continued their world tour. I was even interviewed about the experience.

I’m happy to have had  the chance to participate in The Sketchbook Project. I love the idea of community art. Having over 10,000 artists each lend their talents to one huge project like this is amazing. If you’re ever in Brooklyn I suggest you pay a visit to the Brooklyn Art Library and experience this marvel yourself!

This years sketchbooks may be traveling to a city near you! Check out the tour dates (here) and if you stop by don’t forget to look for my book, Rat Funeral!

Here are some photos of our sketchbook group, The Snoboot Sketchcats. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

King Street Station

On the Train

Jupiter Hotel Portland Oregon

Art Exchange, I drew these cards, they will be given to the next person who requests a card from the Sketchbook Project in an up coming city on the tour.

Here I am reunited with my sketchbook!

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One Response to LBB Zombie Mag and Sketchbooks in Portland

  1. tommiaw says:

    It certainly was a grand time!

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