200th Post! Animation Celebration!

Hooray! The results are in! I took suggestions from readers and created a new animation. I shot and edited all the footage today! I’m so excited and I hope you like it.

Thank You to everyone who participated I couldn’t use all the suggestions this time, but maybe next time.

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6 Responses to 200th Post! Animation Celebration!

  1. Oh Jackie! This is amazing. I love it so much.

  2. Great music. Sexy book. Loved those apples doing the Busby Berkleley. Well done!

  3. JMH says:

    That was wild. I’m going to have to chain down items in my kitchen so they can’t have that freedom. They could make a mess! No, I can’t possibly do that.

    And I eat that cereal! Tasty, no?

    • That cereal is tasty! It’s also full of healthy fiber and has as much protein as a hard boiled egg. It’s the right way to start the day. The dog biscuits are tasty as well.

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