RBSCA In the Real World

After my post yesterday about Ray Bradbury and The Ray Bradbury School For Creative Arts (an imaginary school I invented to motivate educating myself in the arts) I was asked: “If this imaginary school were real, what would it be like?”

I had never thought of it as a real place, because the whole idea behind it was that you didn’t have to go to a “place” one could just obtain the books necessary from the library or find tutorials online to educate themselves for free and at their own pace.

However, I got to thinking. What would it be like indeed, if the RBSCA was a real place? I think it would have to be very much like a library. We would need a very large building with a very large room where we could create an artist’s library. Shelves of books on every type of art and writing would cover the walls of our large room from floor to ceiling. There would be a labyrinth of shelves through the  rest of the room heavy with books of all sorts. There would be books on crafting, on writing, on tattooing, painting, sculpting, photography, taxidermy, poetry, animation and any other creative activity you could possibly think of.

Our enormous building would have to have a computer lab for research. There should be many classrooms where we could conduct workshops on practical creative studies. By the way, all this should be free to the patrons. Free classes and books are checked out like they are at the library and in addition to books being available to be checked out, I think that there should be a huge stockroom filled with tools that can be checked out as well. There could be lights and darkroom equipment for photo students, sculpting tools for sculptors and general building tools like power drills and such. You could check all these things out like you could a library book. You could check out a vintage typewriter if you wanted write like Jack Kerouac for two weeks . You could check out a loom if you were studding ancient weaving or a spindle.

There would have to be a gallery where the local artists could have shows. There would have to be a space for installment art as well.

I think we could also have a theater for performance art and a sewing room for costume makers.

There could be a music room and workshops on all different kinds of instruments. There would also have to be a recording studio where you could sign up to do some recording. There could be a green screen room too and maybe a pubic access TV lab.

Wow, this would be an amazing place. It would be good for any community to have such a facility. I think most people who are unhappy just need a positive creative outlet and if there were a place where they were welcomed to participate creatively and tools were made available to them, maybe we could create something beautiful for generations to enjoy.

I welcome my readers to get involved in this discussion and share their thoughts on what The Ray Bradbury School for Creative Arts could be like in the real world.

What additions would you make to this Utopian establishment?

Please leave me a comment and share your thoughts.


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8 Responses to RBSCA In the Real World

  1. A pool for synchronized swimming and the pool room could also be used to play and record music due to the crazy acoustics.

  2. Oh yes. Exactly like that.

  3. joesuspense says:

    I love the tool library idea.

  4. esquiress says:

    I wanna be in the basement cleaning and fixin the tools/etc. that get loaned out. like a deep dark librarian in an apron full of grease.

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