Tribute to Joey from last Father’s Day…

Avant-Garde In My Backyard

16 years ago on Father’s day I neglected to call my Dad and wish him well. I was 17, still in high school and lived at home with my mom, my Dad lived in another town.

Later I found out that he waited all day for me to call him and when I didn’t he was very hurt and went to his favorite bar to drink his troubles away.

My Dad was great. He was fun and happy. He played games with me when I was young. He was funny and made everybody laugh.

Once he made a treasure map for me and buried a box in the vacant lot next door. When I discovered the box it was filled with real treasures, comic books and candy.

When I was in the 2nd Grade, he made my Queen of Hearts Halloween costume out of a pillow case. He drew it on so that I looked like…

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  1. He seems so wonderful! You look a lot like him. And I can tell from the picture that you must’ve made him very happy.

  2. He was a cool dad. 🙂

  3. anothermotha says:

    It sounds like the time that he was here with you, he made the most of, and for that you are very blessed! He was lucky to have such a great girl too!

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