Fresh Blood For An Old Project

Agatha and Her Parents by Leslie Nan Moon

Several years ago I had a Victorian sort of  dream about a strange little girl. The dream was entertaining like I was watching an old black and white movie.

I loved the imagery and aesthetic from this dream, so when I woke up I scrambled to find a notebook and pen. I sat down to document the dream, but what came out was a rhythmic poem. I rearranged the dream into a children’s story just as if somebody were dictating to me across an invisible veil.

It was clear to me that this dream was meant to be a children’s picture book so I set to work on some sketches and drawings. I wasn’t happy with any of the illustrations I was creating. I needed to find an artist who was capable of capturing the feel of the story.

I asked a few of my artist friends about it. They liked the story and some of them were inspired to create a drawing or two but nothing ever came of it. I tried again to illustrate the story myself but it just didn’t feel right. I’ve sent this story into contests and publishers hoping to make something of it. I did receive positive feedback and encouragement from these establishments but no offers.

I still believed in the story but shelved it. I couldn’t make it what I wanted it to be on my own. I knew if it was meant to be, something or someone would reveal themselves at the right time and I’m happy to say that time is now!

Sombrerero Enojado by Leslie Nan Moon

I am a big fan of local valley artist Leslie Nan Moon. Leslie is originally from Philadelphia, PA. She has a BFA in Printmaking & Book Arts from the University of the Arts. I have been buying her artwork for myself and for friends and family for the last two years. She has a poetically dark sense of humor and Brothers Grim type charm to her pieces. I am particularly fond of her Alice In Wonderland work. I own several prints from the series. She’s also done some Day of the Dead Alice pieces as well as some deliciously dark interpatations of The Wizard of Oz. My friend Shelly sells Leslie’s creations in her shop, Selah Gifts located in downtown North Bend, WA. I was admiring some of Leslie’s pieces from a series called Mrs. Moon’s Misfit Toys at Selah’s when Shelly suggested I collaborate with Leslie on a project. I knew at once what project to peruse.

I contacted Leslie and casually mentioned what the story was about. We arranged a date for tea to discuss it. Leslie showed up to tea with two prints that she had created before she had even heard the story. They where amazing. The girl was very close to what I wanted and the other character from the story, a Vampire Dog was dead on! I am so very excited about this project and I hope to continue posting updates leading up to the book’s release.

Agatha Hattie Prints by Leslie Nan Moon

I know that I will definitely self-publish this book, but I also hope to send it out to publishers as well to seek a larger audience.

I am one step closer, with the help of my new friend and project partner Leslie Nan Moon, to releasing a dark and adventurous children’s book which I think we’ll call Agatha Hattie after the main character.  Stay tuned for more thrilling updates on this project and wish us luck.

Leslie Nan Moon is associated with artEAST Up Front Gallery in Issaquah, WA where she teaches a class on Book Arts. Summer class registration is now open, check it out (here).

She is now showing through the month of June at Talarico’s Pizzeria in Seattle.

You can purchase Leslie’s art from:

Selah Gifts, North Bend WA
Community Artist Program, Seattle WA
Kirkland Arts Center Store, Kirkland WA
Crash Bang Boom, Philadelphia PA

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2 Responses to Fresh Blood For An Old Project

  1. moon says:

    I’m thrilled you asked me to collaborate with you Jackie!

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