Update On Agatha Hattie

A sneak-peek at the pile of illustrations that Leslie Nan Moon has created for our Agatha Hattie Book!

My friend Leslie Nan Moon and I have been working on a children’s book for a story I wrote. I have been researching self-publishing on CreateSpace and Leslie is nearly done with all the story’s illustrations. The illustrations are amazing and book is coming together so beautifully.

Leslie is nearly finished with the illustrations and I am looking into a self-publishing package on CreateSpace. The package will include some professional design planning from a company rep and some  thrilling media sources that will help our book reach a wide audience on Amazon.com. I have contacted CreateSpace and am waiting to schedule a personal consultation with a rep.

The package that we are interested in will cost $1734.00 and Leslie and I will be hosting a Kickstarter to raise the funds for this package. We are thinking of asking for $2000 to pay for the CreateSpace design/media package and to also have a few dozen books printed as well as some promotional materials like post cards and bookmarks. We are hoping to tour local shops and bookstores when the book is released.

Kickstarter Rewards

Leslie will be creating handmade, signed and numbered prints of her original artwork for the Kickstarter rewards (they are amazing, you will love them). Myke and I will also be working on an Audio file of the book, complete with character voices and haunting music to be available to our kickstarter backers. We will also be offering signed copies of our book, posters and bookmarks.

We are so excited about this project! Our Gothic, illustrated children’s  book is called Agatha Hattie. Agatha is a young beautiful girl who’s fate dramatically changes when she is encountered and bitten by a Vampire Dog! This book is so close to seeing the light of day! Please stay tuned for more news. I hope you will consider backing this project in our upcoming Kickstarter. You will be rewarded with some amazing art if you do.

Thanks for your support! xoxo

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