Agatha Hattie and the Vampire Dog

Yesterday was spent adjusting camera rigs, figuring out how to use the green screen and chroma key, making puppets and animating.

My friend Leslie and I have been working on a children’s book together. Agatha Hattie is a story I wrote about a little girl who receives a bite from a Vampire Dog and has to deal with  becoming somewhat of a monster herself. Leslie Nan Moon brings this story to life with her amazing artwork. The puppets in this animation are two of her creations for the book and will be included as illustrations.

My husband Myke Fedyk is responsible for the haunting music. He stayed up late the last two nights to create the original soundtrack for this very short animation. The entire project is 48 seconds in length, for me that’s equal to 6-8 hours in production. That’s okay though, I love to do it.

I made this short as a teaser for the book to include in an up coming video for our Kickstarter campaign. Leslie and I will need to raise at least $1700 to purchase a publishing package on CreateSpace. CreateSpace is a company for self-publishing artists. This package will allow us to sell the book in physical form and in kindle format on Amazon. The package includes working with a CreateSpace designer to put the book together, a media package and addition to literature catalogs where libraries and stores can purchase the book.

I hope you enjoy this Agatha Hattie teaser. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks if you’re interested sponsoring this project. I’m meeting with Leslie today to discuss plans for shooting a video for Kickstarter (hopefully next week.)

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