Success With Kickstarter

My friend Leslie Nan Moon and I just ended our Kickstarter for our Agatha Hattie children’s book project. We reached our goal and the project was funded by 203%. We more than doubled our original goal of $1,700.00. We are so grateful and thankful that people care enough about our art to help us create our work and put it out into the world.

I will be contacting our rep at CreateSpace today and getting things ready to send off to the publisher. Thank you again to all the 61 Kickstarter backers who funded this project and thank you as well to all the people who generously donated outside of Kickstarter.

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2 Responses to Success With Kickstarter

  1. Whoo hoo!! Congrats! And well-deserved!!

  2. Thanks Sheri! We are very excited and ready to move on to the next step!

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