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Agatha Hattie

Here’s an update on our little Agatha Hattie book. The book is currently due to be released in February of 2013. I am currently working with a project team through Just this week I approved the promotional text and the book’s cover (which looks great!). We are getting closer and closer to Agatha Hattie meeting the world!

I made an Agatha Hattie Facebook page. Come on over and check it out. Give it a “like”. I will be posting more about the project and all the news to come.

Because we went over our Kickstarter goal we will be able to have some hard cover’s printed and take them on a small book tour. I have been talking with book shop owners, comic shops and cafe managers who have agreed to host readings/signings to help us promote the book once it comes out. Once the book has been released I will set up a tour. So make sure you like our Facebook page so you’ll know when we’ll be at a venue near you!

Agatha Hattie on Facebook

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