The Mickey Rourke Sandwich Porch

The Mickey Rourke Sandwich Porch

Last month I was contacted by a friend who knows and loves my paintings. She was looking for someone to do a commission for her, a Christmas gift for her husband.

I thanked her for thinking of me and told her I’d be glad to do it. She wanted a certain color theme and she had a certain subject in mind, so I met her at her house for tea.

She told me a story: Back in 1980 a made for TV movie called Act of Love was being filmed on location at the Reard Farmhouse here in Sammamish, WA. During that time my friend’s husband was about 13 years old. He rode his bike to the farmhouse to see what was going on. While he was there he shared a sandwich on the porch of the Reard house with a young Mickey Rourke who was probably about 30 years old. They hung out for a while and talked a bit and then he went home. That 13 year old boy grew up to be quite the movie buff and always enjoyed telling the story about how he met Mickey Rourke.

I guess my friends had been looking for professional photos of the Reard house but were unable to find anything, so that’s where I came in. I asked my friend to get a canvas, whatever size she wanted, and drop it off on my porch. I came home that night and found a canvas twice the size of my dining room table (a little bigger than I was expecting). No matter, I went to work researching the house. I wanted to drive out and take photos myself, but the Reard house is currently being remodeled, so I used a photo from the Sammamish Heritage Society‘s website.

I entitled the piece; The Mickey Rourke Sandwich Porch. It took 15 hours to paint and that’s what I’ve been doing in all my free time this month. The photos I’m posting aren’t very good but it’ll give you an idea of how the painting turned out. I would like to go to my friend’s house sometime and photograph it in it’s intended environment. I’ll post when I do.

Me and Mickey Rourke Sandwich Porch

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