artwork by jsizzle

It all started about a month or so ago. I was listening to some mix CDs in my car. I had a soul mix, a pop mix and an old school rap mix. They were all very good compilations of diverse and obscure gems, but my favorite by far was the rap mix. I found myself taking longer routes so I could drive and sing along with Spoonie Gee, Salt-n-Pepa, Busy Bee and J.J. Fad, just to name a few.

My neighbor, Justin, AKA jsizzle (who loves messing with beats and making music of his own) came over one night. I was telling him about jam’n in my car to my new mix CD. Then we all got to talking about music, hip-hop and our favorite performers. We had a few beers and started in on our own rhymes. Justin said it would be cool to make a cheesy horror rap, we could sample the Munsters theme and program some funky beats to it. My husband Myke got up off the couch and said, “Let’s do it right now!” So we did.

I sat down and wrote some of my lyrics and Justin wrote some of his too, while Myke created beats and samples in the basement. Justin and I read our rhymes to each other then decided to make the song a sort of face-off between two characters. It’s a little ridiculous and immature but it was so much fun create.

crunk'n beats

Crunksters became the name for our band and the name of the song. We liked it because it sounded like Munsters, and yes I read the Urban Dictionary’s definition for crunkster. It’s funny.  We had tons of fun recording this song. I liked that Justin and I both wrote our lyrics totally independently yet it still worked as a collaboration.

There will absolutely be more Crunkster songs in the make. We’re already brainstorming the next one. “Why?” you ask.

Because it’s so much fun.

Free Download at Bandcamp! Rated PG-13 for Explicit Lyrics, sort of…

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4 Responses to Crunksters

  1. tommiaw says:

    This song will be in my head the entire day now – fantastic!

  2. JMH says:

    Slick rhymes, slick flow, slick beats. I’m impressed.

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