Agatha Hattie Released on!!!

Book Cover

She’s finally here! Agatha Hattie, Queen of the Night has been released on! Our first children’s book is out there in the world. I hope the world loves her as much as we do. I can’t help but feel nervous.

Again I would like to thank our Kickstarter Backers for making this possible and I’d like to thank all our friends and family who have majorly supported our artistic and literary endeavors above and beyond! Much love to everyone!

We hope you like the book! Stop by Amazon and order your copy today!

Order Here 

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2 Responses to Agatha Hattie Released on!!!

  1. Looks fabulous. You must feel very proud. Hearty congrats to you!

    • Thank you for the congrats. I am feeling a little proud and relieved and nervous and ready to start the next big project! I’ve been trying to get this book to happen for the last four years and I can’t believe it’s actually… happened. I hope she does well out on her own. Thanks for reading, take care. 🙂

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