Mixed Media GirlsI got a new art book called Mixed-Media Girls with Suzi Blu. I have been messing around with watercolors for the last few months and I was ready for something completely different. I love the author of this book, it came with a DVD where Suzi Blu coaches shy amateur artists to explore their creativity. Tell yourself, she says, tell yourself “I am an ARTIST!” She’s funny and strange and I really like her.

This style is for me. I really enjoy it and have already made two new mix-media paintings. The first one called “Pink To Death” was created by following Suzi Blu’s guidelines as stated in the book. My second mix-media painting is called “Bewitched by the Moon” and it uses some of the same techniques as found in the book but more my own style.

Here’s a slideshow of my paintings:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 Responses to Mixed-Media

  1. I love the bewitched by the moon painting. Nice job. You know there’s someone else I know who tells folks all the time to say, “I’m an Artist!” ;D

  2. Is it Julia Cameron? 😀

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