Update – Social Experiment with Vintage DC Comic Cards and Fake Adventures!

I’ve been conducting a Social Experiment, you can read about it (here.) Basically I have readers email me their name and address and I send them a Vintage DC postcard with a ridiculous adventure recounting an experience that the two of us never had.

It’s been really fun and challenging coming up with a unique adventure for each participant! Here’s the first batch of locals. I’m sharing them since I know most the postcards have been received and I won’t spoil the mailbox surprise.




I found it! We had been searching in the wrong area. I checked the map and we had it upside down. I tore down the wall and found the passage-way. Meet me by the pier at 10pm. Bring flashlights, shovels and a pick-ax, I’ll have the dynamite and the rest of the supplies. This is it! See you soon.

Your Pal, Jackie




Do Not Post Until 2013


For me it will have been only a few hours since I saw you last but for you it will have been 10 years. The Doctor has promised that you’ll get this postcard in time. There was a problem with the Quantum Flux that has resulted in a time-skip. Meet me at 7:45pm in the old graveyard and please bring me a six pack and a box of Ginger Snaps. It’s been a long day for me and an even longer one for you.  Your Pal, Jackie



All the work we’ve done for the past four years is about to pay off. I’m meeting Dr. Harris tonight to discuss the placing of the ceremonial crystals. If everything goes according to plan, within a week’s time we’ll be filthy rich for the rest of your lives! I’ll see you in Paris and don’t forget Pandora’s Box!

Your Pal, Jackie



I’ve been apprehended by the Robot Overlord! He knows where we hid the microfilm and has sent an army of Cyborg men to collect it. I fear for the fate of the Universe if he is successful! I think the time has come to initiate Plan B. Notify the twins of my whereabouts. I still have the map. The fate of the humankind is in your hands! Good Luck!

Your Pal, Jackie


I’ve sent out 19 postcards so far. I’ll update in a few days with more wacky adventures! Remember, I still have 81 postcards just waiting to be mailed out to random people. If you want me to mail you a vintage DC comic postcard and a unique, fake adventure, just send your name and address to me via the “Email Jacquelyn Fedyk” button on my toolbar at the top of the page!

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