Adventure Postcard Service Update – Spoiler Alert (have you received your postcard yet?)

I’m still conducting a Social Experiment, you can read about it (here.) Basically I have readers email me their name and address and I send them a Vintage DC postcard with a ridiculous adventure recounting an experience that the two of us never had. I just put 4 more postcards in the mailbox this morning.

Here are a few from the previous batch:


What can I say; our trip to Texas was the weirdest ever.  I think eating all those mushrooms and visiting that bat cave has changed my life forever.  I’m pretty sure I’ve developed biosonar.  I hope the rabies shots went ok. Tell Dr. Eric that I’m sorry about the bologna mishap and that I can pay for the damage.  Hope you feel better soon!

Your Pal, Jackie




ZachHey Zach,

I just got off the boat! If I never see another monkey grinder again it will be too soon. I had no idea how vicious they could be.  It took a week to get all that bubble gum out of my hair, so gross.  I left my Jellybean Gauntlet somewhere at your house, it might be in that weird glass box under the stairs. Save it for me if you find it, it’s priceless and irreplaceable! See you next season!

Your Pal, Jackie





I was so glad we got to hang out. You play a mean tuba my friend! I’ve never heard anything like that before, in my life. You are the Jimi Hendrix of tuba players.  I really think you need to get into the studio and record that one song you played at the end, the one you called; Stuffy Pup the Puppy Wizard. That song was my favorite…so good. You’re brilliant! See you at the next convention!

Your Pal, Jackie 





It has been too long old friend! I was so glad you made it to Madame Wimpydimple’s for the reunion.  You looked stunning in your turquoise tuxedo.  If it wasn’t for you, we would have never caught the bandit who had stolen Grandfather’s priceless heirloom watch! You are most clever sir. My hat is off to you. See you in London!

Your Pal, Jackie



Feeling left out? Don’t be sad, I still have postcards. If you would like to participate in my Adventure Postcard service, just send your name and address to me via the “Email Jacquelyn Fedyk” button on my toolbar at the top of the page! Who knows what kind of wacky hi-jinx we’ve been involved in!

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5 Responses to Adventure Postcard Service Update – Spoiler Alert (have you received your postcard yet?)

  1. jillian says:

    Jackie, these are hilarious. I can hear your voice in my head when I read them.

  2. jillian says:

    That, and a paycheck.

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