The Adventures Continue!

Wanna participate in my Social Experiment? You can read about it (here.) If you email me your name and address I will send you a Vintage DC postcard with a ridiculous adventure recounting an experience that the two of us never had.

Here’s some more exciting adventures from the project!


Thank you so much for posting my bail! I swear I have no idea where that giant bag of money came from. After we left Mexico I went straight back to the Circus to deal with Jose. He gave me back your TV and a box of gross old wigs.  Jose’s Grandma knitted you a sweater. He didn’t want me to give it to you, because he’s still mad, but I took it anyways. I’ll see you at the soapbox derby!

Your Pal, Jackie




You left your yellow suitcase in the back of my helicopter.  I tried to flag down your taxi cab, but I couldn’t get out in time. I tripped over a basket of lemons by the fruit stand and the suitcase flew open. I know your secret now and so does the fruit stand guy! I’ll see you in Rio my friend.

Your Pal,





I don’t have much time. Carl has set our plan in motion. We’ll meet up again at the Albino’s Potluck. When you reach the mansion the code for the gate is the same as Carl’s locker combination.  Go around to the back and look for a large wooden door. Knock three times and tell them that the Ring Master sent you. I’ll be waiting for you inside. Good Luck!

Your Pal,  Jackie




Harold came to dinner last night. He has another job for us.  He was pleased with our work on the Hammerstein Case. Our next mission will be stationed in Bern. We are to pose as sisters who perform as an aerial act in Professor Malloy’s Circus. We’ll meet up with you at Harold’s for 6 weeks of circus training. This will be quite an adventure.

Your Pal, Jackie




Here’s your instructions; Egor will pick you up at 6pm and escort you to Winklebean’s Pub. Tell the barkeep that you need to speak to Elwin and give him the magic beans.  Go down the spiral staircase and stand in front of the bookshelf. Pull out the book titled, “A Prayer for Elvis” and the passage will open.  Follow the path to the underground forest.  I’ll be waiting for you at Goat’s Inn. We’ll stay there for the night then we’re off to meet our destiny! See you soon.

 Your Pal, Jackie



I still have more postcards! Want one? Make it happen, send your name and email to me via the “Email Jacquelyn Fedyk” button on my toolbar. DO IT! 🙂

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One Response to The Adventures Continue!

  1. tommiaw says:

    Thank you for the postcard, Jackie! It’s a grand adventure (smile).

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