More and More Postcard Adventures!

Wanna participate in my Social Experiment? You can read about it (here.) If you email me your name and address I will send you a Vintage DC postcard with a ridiculous adventure recounting an experience that the two of us never had.

Check out today’s amazing adventures!


I took that plaster cast footprint that we made by my house to the University to have it annualized. Apparently it was not a human footprint.  Professor Dahl said he’s never seen anything like it.  I took my camera into the woods near the house and you won’t believe what I have found. Meet me at the Corner Diner at 10pm, I have something unbelievable to show you. See you then.

Your Pal, Jackie 




Thank you so much for your assistance in apprehending the notorious villain, Baron Von Blitzkrieg! The city owes you much gratitude for your bravery and valor, because of your brilliance the city’s people feel safe and at peace once again. The mayor has asked me to invite you to his White Tie Gala, he would like to reward you with the key to the city. See you then.

Your Pal, Jackie 




I followed your orders, sir and you will be happy to know that Mission Code-Named “Giraffe on Roller-Skates” was a complete success! The children of the Lollypop Forest will be enjoying their Coconut Cupcakes by sundown. Private Ollie and I will be at the Candy Cottage awaiting your orders to continue to Peppermint Lake.  Well done sir. We look forward to your reply. Private Jackie Reporting for Duty.

Over and out!




I’ve had it pretty rough since the séance you hosted last weekend.  I think I brought something back with me. Yesterday I walked into the kitchen and all the chairs were precariously stacked on top of the table. I’m hearing things too, unexplained music, crying and whispering. I want to come back for another reading.  I think I might have a poltergeist. Let’s study it! I will contact you soon.

Your Pal, Jackie




I’m so happy we decided to spend Spring Break at Daytona Beach. Who would have thought you’d find true love in the sun? I know you always expected to meet the man of your dreams doing epitaph rubbings in the graveyard. Alistair is a real catch and a brilliant Victorian Historian. I love the way he dresses, he looks like a mortician from the 1800s, in a cute way. I’d be happy to be a bridesmaid at your Halloween Wedding.

Your Pal, Jackie




You were right about the O’Donnell house. I have to admit I was curious and skeptical about what we might find there. You will be pleased to know that you have successfully transformed me into a believer.  What we witnessed there has opened my eyes to the other dimensions that exist side by side next to our own. I just can’t believe that we made contact and it was real. I am ready for our next experiment. I’ll meet you at the old hospital on Saturday at 7pm. Let’s talk to dead people!

Your Pal,



I still have more postcards! Want one? Make it happen, send your name and email to me via the “Email Jacquelyn Fedyk” button on my toolbar.

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  1. Tim says:

    Hey where is mine?
    Tim B

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