Exciting Postcard Adventures Sweeping the Nation!

Wanna participate in my Social Experiment? You can read about it (here.) If you email me your name and address I will send you a Vintage DC postcard with a ridiculous adventure recounting an experience that the two of us never had.

Check out these amazing adventures!



It will be exciting, you said. It will be an adventure, you said. Well I was lucky to make it out of your friend Larry’s Potluck alive! When you first suggested that I audition to be Larry’s assistant I was flattered. I had no idea what kind of magician he was. It’s not your fault, you had no idea about my crippling chinchilla phobia, but you could have warned me about the toothless cobra. I nearly died of heart failure. I’ll call you in a few weeks, when I’m done being mad at you.

Your Pal, Jackie





I got the call! We can begin filming our documentary about local legend, The Batshit Crazy Lady of Moncton, right away. Our combined research has given me a few leads as to where she might be, if she actually exists. I’ll be filming on location at the area we discussed. When you’re finished researching the history of the victims, drive the jeep to our secret spot. I think we can debunk this myth! See you at sundown…in a remote part of the forest…with no cell phone reception. Your Pal, Jackie





If you thought meeting Robert Fuller was exciting then you’re gonna crap your pants when you hear who we get to meet this weekend! Get ready for it! ENGELBERT HUMPER(motherfreak’n)DINCK! I know right!? I can’t believe it either! The radio station is sending a limo to pick us up. We get front row seats and backstage passes! Guess who’s opening for him? Jim (Golmer-Friggin-Pyle) Nabors! It’s going to be a wild night my friend, a wild wild night! We’ll pick you up at your house!

Your Pal, Jackie



JessicaAloha Jess,

I just want to let you know that the Robo Battle competition is steep this year. If we want to win we’re gonna have to kick it up a notch. I snuck into Dale’s lab and saw the bot that they’re been building. It is carnivorous! Our robot is fast and nimble but theirs is a windmill of death! I can’t face losing another battle to Dale and his thick skulled cronies! Meet me at Mcgillicutty’s Scrap Yard tonight. We have to modify “The Dream Catcher” into the “The Nightmare Machine!” We’ll be fighting fire with fire, literally.

 Your Pal, Jackie





I can’t believe we had tea with the Queen! So what if it was Queen Elizabert, New Orleans’ famous Cajon Drag Queen. I have never had so much fun in my whole life! I’m so glad we took that wrong turn when we were selling Avon and ended up at the block party. I loved our make-overs. I think I’m just gonna dress like this all the time now. I have a photo of you in the Conga line with that pile of fruit on your head, your smile is classic!

Your Pal, Jackie





 Maude is coming over! We need to cover those hilarious/erotic murals that we painted in the conference room. She will not think that they’re funny and she will fire us if she sees them. I don’t want to paint over them though. The wall where you painted the board members as minotaurs makes me so happy. How about I’ll come down a few days early and we will use some money from petty-cash to by curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond? I’ll call you when I get in town.

 Your Pal, Jackie



Thanks to everyone who has participated so far. I still have postcards and adventures to share. Send me your name and address you won’t regret it, or maybe you will. 🙂

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