We Had a Fake Adventure…

Wanna participate in my Social Experiment? You can read about it (here.) If you email me your name and address I will send you a Vintage DC postcard with a ridiculous adventure recounting an experience that the two of us never had. So far I’ve sent out 41 postcards out of a box of 100! Let’s see if I can send them all out!

Latest adventures with people across the country…



I can’t believe our team won first prize at Periwinkle’s Amazing Obstacle Race! I have to say you were brilliant at the giant pancake toss; you hit the most rabbits, great job! I guess all that training in Switzerland paid off. My favorite part was the underwater mermaid race. Those mermaids were fast but they didn’t stand a chance against my rocket powered windmill fins!  Nobody was faster than you at the banana peel bobsleds; thanks to you we finally brought home the trophy! What a great weekend, see you next year!

 Your Pal, Jackie






 I had so much fun on our road trip. You were right, we needed to stop and smell the roses and visiting America’s famous roadside attractions was the perfect way to spend spring break! I loved meeting Gladys, the 87 year old woman who lives in the 3 story house made of jelly beans and chewed up gum, I can’t believe she built that place all by herself! I will also never forget the world’s largest grasshopper. I can’t believe you put a saddle on that thing and rode it all the way to the gas station. You looked just like a cowboy from a sci’fi movie.  Till next time my friend!

 Your Pal, Jackie





I had fun on our camping trip even though I had to fight that alligator to get my sleeping bag back. Your recipe for biscuits and gravy is simply the best. How amazing is it that you caught the mythical pink rabbit trout when we went fishing? You are so lucky and so am I. I talked to a man at the Genus Book of World Records. It turns out I am the only person alive who has been struck by lightning 26 times and has lived to tell about it. I’m gonna be famous! Yay! See you next year; maybe I can make it 40 times if we have another stormy season! Zap!

 Your Pal, Jackie





This is Captain Jackie of the Nebula Quadrant Fleet. I received your distress signal, I’m sorry to hear of your starship malfunction. My ship, The Venus Pod, is only seven light years away from the coordinates that you’ve specified. Once we set the quantum reactors into over-drive we will be able to reach you in no time. I do have concerns regarding your current location. You are in hostile territory unincorporated by the Galaxy Peace Tribune. Earth is a very volatile planet and its inhabitants can be dangerous. Please proceed with caution. Best of luck!

Captain Jackie NQF Galaxy 4





It wasn’t my idea, so don’t be mad! Madge said that you liked puppets! I had no clue about your Pupaphobia. Madge said it was your birthday and we should do something special for you this year. She told me that you loved “It’s a Small World” and she convinced me that we should decorate that way for your party. My uncle works for the puppet theatre so I asked if we could raid their warehouse for your party. I am so sorry we freaked you out. Madge is evil! I’ll make it up to you.

Your Pal, Jackie


Thanks to everyone who has participated in my experiment so far. I hope you enjoyed our adventure! As of today I still have 59 postcards left, 59 adventures yet to be had.

To be continued… 

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2 Responses to We Had a Fake Adventure…

  1. jon says:

    That Madge thinks it’s so funny to exploit Sheri’s pupaphobia. It won’t be so funny when a puppet stabs her in the leg while she sleeps.

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