Wacky Postcard Adventures Across the USA…

Wanna participate in my Social Experiment? You can read about it (here.) If you email me your name and address I will send you a Vintage DC postcard with a ridiculous adventure recounting an experience that the two of us never had. So far I’ve sent out 46 postcards out of a box of 100! Almost half way through the box.

Here’s the latest…


OMG! Life is going to be very different since our hiking trip last Saturday. I took the boulder that we rolled down the mountain to Professor Langley. It’s out of this world, literally! The Professor says it’s a meteor, but not like any other that they have found so far. Our giant rock is a brand new mineral that no one has ever seen before. They cracked it open and inside were the most beautiful ruby colored crystals. The Professor says that the crystals are harmless and gave two small ones to me as a memento, one for me and one for you. I made mine into a necklace and strange things have been happening to me since I’ve been wearing it. Meet me at Archie’s and I’ll tell you all about it.

Your Pal, Jackie


These are dark times brother. The group has broken up and gone their separate ways. I got news today that Bunnycakes is back in action and I think it is time we reassemble! I still have the components from the original time machine and if we get the gang back together I think we’ll be able to defeat Bunnycakes and his band of thugs. I’m coming to pick you up; it’s time to collect the others. Windy and Blaze are living in the 1880’s somewhere. We’ll have to run the Quantum Flux to find them. Ralph, Phoenix, Quasar and Kevin are spread out between 500bc and 1979. This is gonna take a while. See you soon.

Your Pal, Jackie


I loved hanging out on the Bayou. I’ve never eaten so much delicious crab in all my life. I think it tastes even better catching it ourselves. I like your idea about training the gator to perform with us in our Vaudeville act. I took our crab traps and reworked them into a make-shift gator trap with all the fix’ns. Last night I took the swamp mobile out to set the trap. I caught something. It’s not a gator but I think you’re gonna like it better. I think it’s a male so I’ve been calling it Jodie Foster on account it really seems to like that movie Freaky Friday. Jodie Foster is a whole lot bigger and more interesting than a gator and may be good at dancing. Come over and meet him!

Your Pal, Jackie



That weird Hawk-man came back to the shop today. He left me a package to give to you, actually his hawk left it. I guess he has that thing trained pretty well. Hawk-man’s hawk is named Falcon and Falcon can carry 2, 40lbs bags of groceries for up to 20 miles. So I hired him to take your place as delivery boy, sorry. But don’t get too sad. I peeked at your package and it turns out you just inherited 7 million dollars from an estranged rich uncle.  It gets even better; Hawk-man may actually be your long lost brother and he has a hawk for you too. This hawks name is Eagle and it can bench press 150lbs. This is gonna be the best summer ever!

Your Pal, Jackie


Where were you last Saturday? Carlos was looking for you and he’s really mad. He wants his money! He had two of his chisel crested thugs with him. They trashed the place! I hope you can sell all of those Sham-Wows by Thursday cause if you don’t Carlos is gonna get angry and it’s never any good when Carlos is angry. Anyways, the mayor says that all this rain is gonna flood the valley again. He’s looking for a creative way to “absorb” the flood waters. I think I have a buyer for you 500,000 Sham-Wows! Call me.

Your Pal, Jackie

I am almost halfway through the box. Help me mail out 100 Vintage DC Comic postcards and request your own one-of-a-kind adventure today!

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