Dear Eddie

A few weeks ago I took an art class with artist/instructor Larry Calkins. Larry collects found letters and vintage photographs. I was rummaging through a bag of such treasures looking for the perfect piece for a collage that I was working on, when I came across a long forgotten letter to a woman named Edna, Eddie for short.

Since the letter began with “Hiya Toots!” I started reading in character, a fast talking, enthusiastic, old-timey gentleman with a James Cagney flare. Larry liked the way I was reading and had the idea of making a recording of the dialog with time appropriate music for atmosphere. So I took the letter home. Myke created a performance and recorded it. We set the performance to an archived video of the Tacoma Narrows collapsing, since it was mentioned at the end of the letter. Check out the letter below…

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One Response to Dear Eddie

  1. Larry says:

    This video should become viral

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