Teaching Mixed Media Egos at ArtEast in October

Supposedly there are five major archetype egos who live inside all of us to guide us through life; the wise woman/man, the inner child, the warrior, the goddess/god and the shadow.

What if you could create a character for each of these archetypes? Imagine that you’re driving your little car across the board of the game of Life. Who should be your co-pilot? Who is safely buckled up in the back seat? Who needs to be in the trunk? The answers vary depending upon the situation.

If you need to confront a problem with wisdom and experience then the wise woman/man should be right beside you. If you’re playing games with your children then the inner child should be your co-pilot.

By getting to know your egos you can put them into the situations where they can shine.

In my class, Mixed Media Egos, we will be doing just that, getting to know these characters. I will teach you mixed media techniques like; collage, drawing, painting, stamps, beeswax and fun with textures. You will create up to 3 rustic characters on wood in class.

Take your characters home, use the techniques we learn in class to finish the set on your own. Now that you know your egos you can delegate who sits where in the game of life.

Meet your personal egos and create their characters with me at ArtEast in Issaquah, Washington!

Mixed Media Egos with Jacquelyn Fedyk

  • October 11, 2013
  • 6:30pm-9:30pm 
  • $60.00 all materials provided
  • at ArtEast in Issaquah

If you’re interested, sign up for this class at ArtEast (here). We have 8 spaces available, first come first serve!

Mixed Media Egos

Left to Right Top: self portrait, warrior, wisewoman
Bottom: goddess, inner child, shadow

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2 Responses to Teaching Mixed Media Egos at ArtEast in October

  1. viola says:

    If I lived close to you I would be there. This sounds super fun!

  2. moon says:

    Wish I wasn’t setting up for the SAF that night! It’s going to be an amazing class!!!!

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