Agatha Hattie, Queen of the Night

Agatha Hattie

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Agatha Hattie is tired of thinking and acting the same old proper ways.  But when the beautiful daughter of a wealthy family doesn’t come home from school one day, a whole new destiny is set in motion by a chance encounter with a shadowy dog. A Victorian gothic fairy tale for strange parents to read to their odd little children, author Jacquelyn Fedyk and illustrator Leslie Nan Moon’s story follows the most sweet-hearted vampire to ever wander the earth deep into the land of the monsters.

In a faraway village, the beautiful young daughter of a wealthy family is the envy of all the other children. Prim, proper, and always well dressed, you could say that she—and her life—are perfect in every way. Until, that is, the day she fails to come home after school.

What could it be that has waylaid young Agatha Hattie? Could she have lost track of time—or been grabbed by some baddie? No, silly goose, nothing as mundane as all that. Hattie’s been lured into the fog by a vampire…dog! As you can well imagine, things get worse from there.

The next morning Agatha wakes up in her own bed—with a vampire bite on her neck. Her family is horrified by the embarrassment a vampire in the family is sure to bring, and they shun poor Agatha.  She has no choice but to strike out alone into the land of the monsters where she walks right into her strange new destiny.

A wildly imaginative journey into the shadows and darkness, Fedyk and Moon show children that things aren’t always as they seem and give young ones the power to know they are the ones to decide what is scary—and what is not—in their lives. A rhyming, fun-filled adventure to a mysterious world, Agatha Hattie: Queen of the Night is as sweet as it is entertaining, a wonderfully good time that is sure to have your vampire-loving child dreaming of teaching monsters how to do it right.

This book would  not have been possible without the generous support of our KickstarterBackers. 

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