“My Blue Ribbon Pies” by Jacquelyn Fedyk from The Last Man Anthology

Last Man Anthology

Abigail August Smith has a one track mind. This year she vows to bring home the blue ribbon for Wellington County’s best pie contest, a traditional win for the women in her family, Abigail is the only August woman not to take home the prize.

How does a short story about a woman baking pies end up in an anthology honoring Mary Shelley with tales of apocalyptic, catastrophic woe?

My Blue Ribbon Pies, is a gruesome tale of gory pie devouring madness! You can find my story and many others in The Last Man Anthology, a collection of short stories inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel, The Last Man.

Last Man Anthology

Tales of catastrophe, disaster and woe

Edited by Hunter Ligoure

A tribute to Mary Shelley, the mother of science fiction and her novel. “The Last Man”.

With stories by such luminaries as Ray Bradbury, C.J. Cherryh, Barry N. Malzberg and me.


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