Creatures of the Moon Creeptacular! October 18th 6pm-8:30pm – FREE WORKSHOP!

Agatha Hattie, Queen of the NightAuthor Jacquelyn Fedyk and Illustrator Leslie Nan Moon will be hosting a featured Creeptacular Event sponsored by ArtsCrush! Join them for a full moon, family-friendly literary and visual arts workshop including an author’s reading of Agatha Hattie followed by a creative writing exercise. Illustrator Leslie Nan Moon will teach block printing techniques to create a creature image inspired by the exercise. You will leave the workshop with your own original written work and a self-made accompanying block print.



All ages. FREE October 18th 6pm – 8:30pm!

At : artEAST Art Center & Gallery

95 Front St N
Issaquah, WA 98027

Read more about this event (Here)

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I’ve Been on Hiatus

I’ve been away, on purpose and not really on purpose.  I made a lot of art. I taught my first class. I met a lot of lovely new friends. I lost some beautiful old friends and loved ones. I got older. I became broken in different places on my body. I got fixed. I joined an arts coalition and helped organize events. I made posters, played music, listened to music and day dreamed. I broke my own heart, I taped it back together. I did the dishes, I rearranged the furniture.  I took long drives with the sun roof open in the rain. I cried and cried and laughed and laughed.

I watched TV with my husband and I watched my kid ride his bike without training wheels for the first time. I painted murals. I sold some art in my first gallery show. I did some stuff for free because I wanted to. I got paid for some things and it surprised me. I read some books. I got some plants. I made myself sick. I made myself well. I got lost. I pined. I missed and I loved. I checked the mail.

Some days I killed it! I did 199 firsts and won some games. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed and I lay there all day in pain. I got up again. I went to the thrift store and scored some treasures. I gave some stuff away.  I got stuck. I got unstuck. I accepted myself but only after I pretended to be a lot of other things.  I held on tight and didn’t want to let go. I let go.

Some days I tried really hard. Some days I completely gave up. Then I decided to try some more.  I watched helplessly while people I loved got hurt. I thought good thoughts for them and wished them well. I know it’s hard to think good thoughts and wish yourself well sometimes. That’s life. I get it. I get the good stuff. I get the bad stuff.

Even though I was busy I put myself on hiatus. I’m gonna come back now. I have some new ideas and I’m getting ready to work on some new things…

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I am helping to organize an art auction and we need artists to donate work. All proceeds go towards The Black Dog Arts Coalition to help art thrive in the SnoValley with events, live music and free workshops!

If you’d like to donate a piece to support the arts please drop it off at The Black Dog Cafe in Snoqualmie, WA no later than September 29th and then mark your calendars for October 5th and join us for the UNDEAD ART AUCTION.

The Black Dog

8062 Railroad Ave. SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98065

425-831-DOGS (3647)

Undead Art Auction

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Teaching Mixed Media Egos at ArtEast in October

Supposedly there are five major archetype egos who live inside all of us to guide us through life; the wise woman/man, the inner child, the warrior, the goddess/god and the shadow.

What if you could create a character for each of these archetypes? Imagine that you’re driving your little car across the board of the game of Life. Who should be your co-pilot? Who is safely buckled up in the back seat? Who needs to be in the trunk? The answers vary depending upon the situation.

If you need to confront a problem with wisdom and experience then the wise woman/man should be right beside you. If you’re playing games with your children then the inner child should be your co-pilot.

By getting to know your egos you can put them into the situations where they can shine.

In my class, Mixed Media Egos, we will be doing just that, getting to know these characters. I will teach you mixed media techniques like; collage, drawing, painting, stamps, beeswax and fun with textures. You will create up to 3 rustic characters on wood in class.

Take your characters home, use the techniques we learn in class to finish the set on your own. Now that you know your egos you can delegate who sits where in the game of life.

Meet your personal egos and create their characters with me at ArtEast in Issaquah, Washington!

Mixed Media Egos with Jacquelyn Fedyk

  • October 11, 2013
  • 6:30pm-9:30pm 
  • $60.00 all materials provided
  • at ArtEast in Issaquah

If you’re interested, sign up for this class at ArtEast (here). We have 8 spaces available, first come first serve!

Mixed Media Egos

Left to Right Top: self portrait, warrior, wisewoman
Bottom: goddess, inner child, shadow

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The Black Dog Arts Coalition is looking for donations of visual arts, textile and jewelry for a fundraising auction event. All proceeds go towards supporting arts in the valley! 

If you have a piece or two you’d like to donate, bring it to the Black Dog in Snoqualmie! We are now accepting donations and all donations must be in by September 30th. 

Our mission is to nurture, encourage and support artistic expression and education in order to create a rich arts culture in the Snoqualmie Valley.

All donations will be unveiled at The Undead Art Auction on October 5th!

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Free Creative Writing Workshop Sunday June 9th 1-3pm at The Black Dog

I will be hosting a creative writing workshop at the Black Dog in Snoqualmie this Sunday from 1-3pm. It will be silly and fun and free. Come check it out. Call ahead if you can to the Black Dog (425-831-3647) or just drop in. Class starts at 1pm!


Experiments in Creative Writing

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Dear Eddie

A few weeks ago I took an art class with artist/instructor Larry Calkins. Larry collects found letters and vintage photographs. I was rummaging through a bag of such treasures looking for the perfect piece for a collage that I was working on, when I came across a long forgotten letter to a woman named Edna, Eddie for short.

Since the letter began with “Hiya Toots!” I started reading in character, a fast talking, enthusiastic, old-timey gentleman with a James Cagney flare. Larry liked the way I was reading and had the idea of making a recording of the dialog with time appropriate music for atmosphere. So I took the letter home. Myke created a performance and recorded it. We set the performance to an archived video of the Tacoma Narrows collapsing, since it was mentioned at the end of the letter. Check out the letter below…

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